About Us - the Lab


We Are AGTL.

AGTL located in the heart of Beruwala Gem Market primarily focused on identification of gemstones, and catching treatments and synthetics in Corundum, Chrysoberyl & Spinel.

New treatments and non disclosure of treatments and misrepresentation plague the market in source countries. Often times, gems are bought on trust without certification and sold without certification. With many new entrants into the trade without a track record, aim to make a quick buck without disclosing treatment, and trust becomes compromised.

A lot of the gems from newly discovered mines in Madagascar and African Countries make their first stop in Beruwala before they reach international markets. We are strategically positioned in Beruwala to assist the trade by providing an independent opinion on the gems submitted to the lab.

We keep abreast of the new developments in gemmology by attending seminars in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Colombo & London to name a few.

We are committed in our mission to provide independent and accurate reports complying with widely recognised and accepted international standards.