About Farhan Fyzee

FGA, Gem-A | ATC & SGC - SSEF | GG - GIA | S&T - AIGS

Coming from a family with 5 generations in the trade, and meeting clients & traders around the globe at trade fairs in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Colombo, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, London, Geneva to name a few I could sense that traders and end consumers were disturbed by the number of labs and their differing opinions on the same gemstone. There was this love-hate relationship with the labs, that they couldn't stop bringing up in conversations.

Noticing the need to understand the differences between the different labs to purchase right, I chose to learn gemmology to avoid the common pitfalls that these traders fell into. This made me purse the Graduate Gemologist course at GIA, Synthetics & Treatments at AIGS, and the prestigious FGA from GEM-A, and finally the Scientific Training Course and Advanced Colour Stones Course at SSEF.

Royal Blue or not? Cornflower or just blue? Pigeon Blood or Vivid Red? Padparadscha or Pink sapphire? I've seen in all.

Having seen several thousand stones, and assuming the apprenticeship of my father, I learned the hardest factor to nail in the trade, color, and it's impact on price. Armed with this training and rare background, I have learned the technical aspect of gemmology and the market aspect as well and how the labs impacts the trade.

Farhan continues to visit mines, trade fairs, and seminars around the globe to keep abreast of the cutting edge in gemmology.